TGF_RTS Project

TGF RTS... An XNA game created by SethJH(BudGPstudios)

About the game and developer:

 I'm a Junior in High school, and I've been designing games and things of that sort since I was in elementary. I just recently got in to Microsoft's XNA game studio, and I'm still trying to learn my way around it.

Well over the summer of 2009, I purchased an XNA premium account, and decided to try to design an RTS based in my storyworld I've been conceptualizing for many years now. Though I have lots of inspiration and ideas, progress is slow since i'm still rather new to C# and the XNA language.

Supposedly, someone named MajorPest decided to try to help me work on this, but I haven't heard a response from him since August, so I'm looking for new programmers to join the team. If you'd like to know about the story and characters, check out the Game World page.

Current News

Since rendering my terrain has proven to be impossible with my remedial graphics card (my good one died :/ ... this PoS apparently can't handle a 32-bit index.), I've decided to start making the animation rig for the bipedal characters. It's going pretty well so far, I just need to work on some concept art to properly develop all the characters. I've also formed a team of 3 programmers (including myself) to work on this game. Read more in the Team page.

Tools of the Trade

Here's a list of the software I'm using to help bring this game to fruition.


Microsoft XNA game studio 3.1 - For writing the game

FLstudio 8.0 - For composing music and sound effects

Audacity - For final editing of any sound files

Blender - Modelling and 3D animating

Flash 8 - Menu and Interface art

Gimp - Textures and other art


My past experiences with game and programming design:


Halflife 1 and 2 Mapping

TES III and TES IV modding (learned Blender and Texturing through this)

Fallout 3 Modding

Gamemaker (Learned OOP programming, menu and interface art skills)

Flash Actionscript

Visual Basic

HTML Web Design class (Passed with an A+)

Read a huge "Learn C# in 21 days" book

Completed both XNA video tutorials for a 2D and 3D game

Made a simple but functional 2D-game with XNA



As of now, I have absolutely no money to fund this project. If I get a summer job, a portion of my salary shall go to this. I have also made myself available to work as a composer or audio director for other peoples' XNA games, see this thread for more details.

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