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About the game's World (The TGF Universe)

         TGF (Or "The Green Feather" -- It's a working title.) was a story I started writing when I was like 12 years old, inspired by my pet Parakeet (hence the title). Years and years of constant writing, trashing it all, and writing again, has led me to the world I have imagined now. (But still no actual book) -- Apparently I might have the same "disorder" that J.R.R. Tolkien had, where he didn't talk much to people and kept to himself, but he spent alot of time creating an immense world in his mind.

           Originally inspired by some old kids' story series by an author named Brian Jaques, and my pet parakeet, I tried to write a novel. It was very juvenile, and I'm embarassed by it... Little did I know then that "The Green Feather" was going to be something very important to me. At that time, the characters were merely personified Budgerigars that lived in a giant green castle (lol hard, I think it's lame too). I eventually found that to be very boring, and decided to add more personified creatures. Soon I had Budgies, Cats, and rodents. Playing alot of Morrowind made me decide to add another race of characters known as "Dragonians" who were like weird dragon men. As time passed and I kept scrapping my work, I decided to refine all the "races" to make them more realistic and scientifically reasonable, along with adding the canine races (Fox, Wolf, and Dog). The races began to take on interesting cultures... the Budgies became like Americans, the Dragonians became the Romans, the Foxes became the Russians, the Wolves and Dogs were like the germanic tribes. I continued developing these races untill I reached what I have now. I removed the Cats, Bird races (except Budgies), and rodent races. The five races I have set it up to are: Budgies, Lisovyeks, Dragonians, Dacsenians, and Leuposvyr. The story itself is being written slowly, but I might finish it sometime in the next few years or so.


List of Races that will appear in the game, their pros and cons for gameplay, and their culture

Foxes "Lisovyeks": Russian based culture (Low health and strength, Extreme technological advantage. Highly defensive)

Dogs "Dacsen" (Includes Leuposvyr (Wolf People)): German (Millitary based. Powerful economy advantages later in game.)

Dragonian: Romans (poor physical strengths, Advanced army techniques. Economy based, moderate defense and millitary. Can be improved to be strong in either military or defense, but changing from one to the other is very difficult later in the game.)


Campaign/Main Storyline

            I planned the game's campaign like so: Medieval ages, Dragonians vs. Dacsen... Evil Dragonians vs. Good Dragonians and Lisovyeks... Modern Ages, Dragonians vs. Dacsen  (Lisovyek neutral in this battle), Nuclear Destruction of Dragonia and Dacsenia, Lisovyek expand to wastelands, face remnant survivors.  



           I am aware of an internet fanbase of people who really (often sexually) enjoy animal-people and I understand that they will probably make attempts to involve my characters and creations in their artwork. Since it's futile to ask them to leave my creations alone, I'll simply ask for any who wish to create some sort of artwork (regardless of the subject matter) based on my characters to get direct permission from me. If there is to be other people creating art of my works, I wish to have their creations either comply with what I've imagined, or not create works at all. (Since I do eventually want people to continue on with my story -- Contact me if you have any questions about this).


 The Green Feather © 2010 SethJH - All characters, story, and ideas are sole property of Seth J Hampson. No derived works or distribution of the content of this site is to be made without direct permission from Seth J Hampson (BudGPstudios). All music and images are copyrighted © by their respective creators.


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