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For my game, I wanted the audio to be memorable. I had an idea that the music would go from classical and orchestral pieces for the early "medieval" ages of the game, and then transition to more contemporary electronic songs for the "modern" age, where the player has advanced futuristic technology. There are 5 different level environments... Snowy, Forest, Plains, Jungle, and Desert. Each environment would have a collection of songs fit to its theme. Along with that ambient background music, there would have to be figting music... from a orchestral march to a Drum n Bass bomb dropping scene... depending on the "age" the player is in the game.


When deciding how to come about making all these songs, I decided to do some of them my self, and branch out to other aspiring musicians on Newgrounds.Com and have some of them make music. So far, one composer has produced a theme for the desert modern age, the second musician agreed to let me use some of his music, and I've requested permission to use a song from another, though word hasn't gotten back to me yet.


 Soundtrack List (So Far): (titles with * mean the artist hasn't contacted me yet)


 Battle_01_Medieval - "War of Greenfort"  - SethJH - Orchestral

Chill_Medieval_01_Desert - "Archaic Illusion" - SethJH - Ethnic Orchestral

Chill_Modern_01_Snowy - "Winter Sun" - SethJH - House/Industrial/Ambient

Chill_Modern_02_Plains - "nurturing nature" - snayk  - Ambient

Chill_Modern_03_Forest - "Forest Interlude" - SethJH - Ambient

Chill_Modern_Desert_04 - "Illusion" - UncleSqueezins - Ambient Techno

Chill_Timeless_Desert_01 - "Sahara Evening" - SethJH - Ethnic Orchestra

Special_Raid_VP* - "Murder Machine" - Vulpvibe - Drum n Bass


Soundtrack preview: Mp3 File 

 Soundtrack order: War of Greenfort, Archaic Illusion, Winter Sun, Illusion, Murdering Machine, nurturing nature.

 -The preview is only a small section of each song. The whole soundtrack will come out when the game is finished.

(Rights to the songs go to their respective owners... SethJH, UncleSqueezins, Vulpvibe, snayk)

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