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I'm going to post some of my music that I've composed here, since I'm trying to raise a little money to help me work on this game. These songs were composed in FLstudio using my Casio MIDI keyboard. Hopefully these songs can impress or help convince someone who is looking to hire a music composer for their game (I will only do comissions for XNA game developers).

My composing/musical experience:

FLstudio - roughly 4 to 5 years experience.

1st Trumpet in band class.

Played keyboard/piano for about 6 years.


Genres I've composed in: Drum n' Bass, Techno, Dance, Film Score, Ambience


My Portfolio (I have submitted a number of these songs to the Newgrounds Audio Portal (My Newgrounds Audio Submissions), but I'll put links to the song files here for a more friendly environment, and upload a few songs I don't wish to have on Newgrounds)

Washing Machine - A quick Drum n Bass loop I made, originally for one of my own games, but I decided to just put it on Newgrounds instead, so others could use it.

Cool Potties (House Remix) - A song I did as an homage to one of my friend's songs he made. Since the title seemed unattractive, I called it "A Less Creative Title..." on Newgrounds.

Cinematic Depression - A filmscore style loop, it's supposed to sound rather sad, like for a death scene in a movie. I also put this on Newgrounds.

The Fapping Giant - A rather innapropriately titled orchestral peice (The filename is even worse). I made this to go in something like a silly cartoon or a video game boss.

Color Dye Factory - An industrial song I've been working on. It's supposed to sound dark and slow, like a factory is degrading or the listener is climbing up from the depths of a mechanical abyss.

Sahara Evening - An ethnic-ambient song I composed for this game (That means nobody but me has the rights to use this song in their works). I recorded myself playing the guitar track in the later half of the song. (Expect a slow load, i had to upload it to this website)


If you like my work, and you're making an XNA game, and you want me to do some music for you, contact me at 


(All songs featured here are © 2010 BudGPstudios (SethJH) - Any song also posted to the Newgrounds Audio Portal is under a Creative Commons License.

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